The wait is over!

Pete Alander website launched has finally been launched after collecting and reviewing many of the works available. In this first wave there are many brand new and older works for sale. Second wave will feature even more works in future.

Artwork are sold globally and will be delivered to almost every corner of the world. Works are printed in UK or in Finland and will be signed and mailed.

Pete Alander’s work and ideology hails from the early times of modernism. Bauhaus-movement and its ambassadors of modern design have made a strong impact to him. His works of art are digitally created, innovative, personal and at the same time throws the timeless stamp of meaning to everywhere where his work is seen. Abstract asymmetrical visual forms fascinates him more than anything. Throughout all the tiny details and complex visual levels viewer will find new meanings that breaths life every time one studies Pete’s work which are built even from thousands of taken pictures in one piece of art.