Art meets humanism in ‘seculARTism’-project

Atheist artist pete alander joins forces with humanist charity that promotes secular volunteering.

Hyvinkää, Finland: Finnish artist Pete Alander has launched his personal charity project ‘seculARTism’ to sell selected artworks and to donate commission for humanist charity organisation Foundation Beyond Belief based in Houston, Texas, USA. Pete has revealed 20 new artworks for sale into his online gallery for this project.

Alander, 37, is best known for his work as a graphic designer and digital artwork. His abstract style and spectrum of art hails influences from early times of modernism, secular ideology and even his passion for hard rock and heavy metal music. Abstract forms and many details can be seen in his works as geometrical visual punch lines such as triangles, elliptical objects and twirls.

Foundation Beyond Belief is a humanist charity that promotes secular volunteering and responsible charitable giving. Guided by the principles of secular humanism, their mission is to unite the humanist community in volunteering and charitable efforts and to advocate for compassionate action throughout the world. Foundation Beyond Belief forwards their mission through four programs which focuses on Grants, Disaster Recovery, Service Corps and Volunteer Network. In short, Foundation Beyond Belief is humanity at work.

The idea of “seculARTism” is to sell artworks around the world from campaign page and give 15% profit to Foundation Beyond Belief of each sold piece of art. Within the sales “seculARTism” can raise even 6000 euros and hopefully even more when more artwork is added.

“‘seculARTism’ is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It was just a case of where, when and with whom. Foundation Beyond Belief is a spectacular charity organisation and it does amazing work with no religious groups in between. I am also hoping to have contacts with World’s leading atheist minds who can spread the word of “seculARTism”-project.” Pete states.

Pete Alander speaks for atheism, humanism and secularism through his artwork. To his words, there’s no place for organized religions in a world today. “Personally I believe, the key to the survival of human species and to maintain morally healthy evolution is simply to stop believing in magic men or any superstitious entities and to take responsibility of ourselves. We need to start taking care of this planet to save it and us. In modern civilization there is a demand to base our life for reason, science, logic, rationality and have fun while living it. No one else for no one, as I like to put it.”

“When religions ends, world healing can begin. I hope I can make a difference or even a minor impact with my art and to work with amazing organisations like Foundation Beyond Belief.”

Working as a design teacher for over 15 years Pete Alander believes into the power of education. “Education should be free, self-evident and available for every single human being in the entire world. Where there is education, there is wisdom. Wisdom prevents ignorance.“ he states.

Pete Alander was born in Hyvinkää city, Southern Finland and grew up to be a graphic design entrepreneur and a teacher of visual communications. As a designer he has gained success in a world of music business working with bands and musicians around the world. In charity work he has previously worked with We Are One -project against extreme poverty and homelessness. Pete has also been working with brand identities, print and web design, photography and video. His pedagogical work and experience as a design teacher in vocational and university level has also left a mark to his work of art and ideology. Currently he works as a teacher, an artist, an entrepreneur, a journalist and as a designer.

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