Art meets humanism!

pete alander joins forces with humanist charity that promotes secular volunteering.

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Help to make a difference!




This is your chance to help and make a difference! Pete Alander’s personal charity project ‘seculARTism’ is all about to promote art and humanism globally. Within this page you can find 20 new artworks for sale and from each purchase humanist charity organisation XXXXXXX will get 15 % commission. 

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Within the sales “seculARTism” can raise even 6000 euros and hopefully even more when more artwork is added.

“‘seculARTism’ is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It was just a case of where, when and with whom. XXXX is a spectacular charity organisation with no religious acts in between. We need to start taking care of this planet to save it and us. In modern civilization there is a demand to base our life for reason, science, logic, rationality and have fun while living it. No one else for no one, as I like to put it.” Pete states.

More information, press release, images and purchasing info available from links below.





“seculARTism” artwork for sale:


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