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Selected and personal collection‘Eternity’

Six pieces of unique artwork for sale. One price.

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Et e r n i t y is  a collection of six, 121 x 121 cm, artwork by Pete Alander consisting works named and numbered from #38 to #43. All works of this sextet are made to support each others visual language as they share the same measurements and same geometrical compose.

‘Eternity’ gives breath and meaning to how we see our everyday life as a spectators and human beings.  As it is in many Pete Alander’s work, ‘Eternity’ collection also challenges viewer to study its multiple visual nuances. Further meaning is waiting in the thousands of details embedded in each work.

Each pieces of art are unique and for sale only as a collection. They have a personal signature and by purchasing ‘Eternity’ you can schedule a personal meeting with Pete Alander who will visit you to see the artwork in it’s surroundings.



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‘Eternity’, works from 38 to 43

size 121 x 121 cm, 47.6 x 47.6 in
created 2013-2015
printed on metal (brushed aluminium, mitre grooved and fabricated)
collection price € 25 000

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