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 “I see the world as a perspective grid of dark matters combined with infinitive lightness. I’m not sending or projecting any positive vibes nor wish anything immaculately evil to anyone, just honest reactions and correspondingly relevant looks at peoples faces while viewing at my artwork. I like to consider myself as a humble persona, yet eccentric and hard working rebel and hopefully can make an impression and strong impact to my viewers.”  

Atheist artist sells ‘little secrets’ and promotes humanism

Pete Alander was born 1979 in Hyvinkää city, Southern Finland. Despite the fact not born in very artistic oriented atmosphere, still illustrating comics, books, c-cassettes, making videos, writing movie scripts, writing music and sketching throughout every single page of his schoolbooks was an absolute signal of his passion and desire for creative thinking.

Pete grew up to be a graphic design entrepreneur and a teacher of visual communication. As a designer he is well known and has gained success in a world of music and business in many countries. During his career he has been working with brand identities, print and webdesign, photography and video. His pedagogical work and experience as a design teacher in vocational and university level has reflected to his work of art.

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Most of his artwork are formed within a shape of square as an homage to good old LP and CD covers. Abstract forms can be seen as geometrical visual punch lines such as triangles, elliptical objects and twirls. Technically his works are combinations of various pictures, which are created digitally and printed on metal with UV-technology to aluminium plate. “The details of an single artwork can be overwhelming” as one work can be created from even hundreds of pictures and the process is run by countless phases before work is finished. “I work in subconscious ways when it comes to my art. One work can take years to finish as I get back to them every now and then. When it’s finished, I know and feel it deep in my guts.”

Pete Alander wishes to spread the philosophy and ideology of humanism and secularism through his artwork. To his words, there’s no place for organized religions in a world today. “The key to the survival of human species and to maintain morally healthy evolution is simply to stop believing in magic men or any superstitious entities and to take responsibility of ourselves. We have start taking care of this planet and to save humanity. Not to justify our actions based on religious fairy tales written by illiterate men in bronze age. Base your life for reason, science, logic, rationality and have fun while living it. No one else for no one, as I like to put it.”

Calling his works as ‘little secrets’ since they’ve been like hidden gems and previously not for public eye. On the other hand Pete encourages people to come out more publicly with their secular life and to stand out with human values beyond religion. “Nothing in this world isn’t more full of double standards than religions. We are all born atheists until indoctrination by hallucinated people comes along. When religions ends, World healing can begin. I hope I can make a difference or even a minor impact with my art.”

Working as a design teacher for over 15 years he believes the power of education. “Education should be free, self-evident and available for every single human being in the entire world. Where there is education, there is wisdom. When wisdom occurs, there is humanism and therefore no ignorance.“ he states.

“I would never do anything racist or offending to minorities” Alander said in an interview to Helsingin Sanomat yet “if minorities are close-minded conservatives or fundamentalist believers, anything goes and you can make fun of everything. I’m an atheist, I might look scary but I don’t eat babies.”  he grins.


Now, see the art and buy yourself a secret.

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